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Science Behind Sweet & Healthy X5

The science behind Sweet and Healthy X5 comes from international
university studies and recent research discoveries. In developing X5,
the concept was to make a truly healthy sweetener that was DIABETIC
FRIENDLY and produced SUSTAINED ENERGY. In the process, research
proved that the ingredients had significant health benefits beyond our
wildest expectations. Continue reading Science Behind Sweet & Healthy X5

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Latest Products

The Sugar with Health Benefits. No sweetener like it on the market!  Sweeten everything you wish.
Sprinkle a little X5 into every dish to enhance the flavor.  X5 is the Healthy FOOD ENHANCER.

Sweet and Healthy X5 comes in several sizes.  Currently we have:

Sweet & Healthy X5

  • 3.5 oz refillable shaker
  • (10) 3.5 oz refillable shakers (volumn purchase)
  • 10 oz Canister
  • One 2 lb Replacement bag
  • Three 2 lb Replacement bags