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Sweet Yet Healthy X-5 is a versatile ingredient to use in your everyday life!

Make Ahead Overnight Oats – Overnight Oats recipes abound everywhere. A favorite uses Greek Yogurt and some almond or coconut milk, sea salt, and chia seeds with old-fashioned oats. Add vanilla or maple or almond flavoring. To sweeten add Sweet Yet Healthy X-5 according to your taste. Even if you add a small amount of maple syrup or raw honey, the X-5 will help you cut back on the amount of added sugars. Add fresh fruits or berries, and nuts in the morning . You will love this easy, customizable idea for breakfast or lunch! This is a great way to save time and pre-plan your morning meals, while keeping your morning healthy!

Coffee or Tea – This is basically a no-brainer if you love your tea or coffee sweetened. If you are one of those who have habitually added table sugar or commercial bottled creamers laden with chemicals and lots of corn syrup or sugars, then Sweet Yet Healthy X-5 can help you get through the morning or breaktime coffee and tea times. If you like dairy, use Half and Half or whole cream or the plant based “milks” available. Another popular tip to avoid commercial sugary creamers is to add butter (preferable grass-fed) or coconut oil to your hot cup of coffee or tea. This adds a subtle thickness to the coffee or tea that not only tastes great but is also very satisfying.

Salad Dressings – Blend with a favorite sweet vinagrette recipe.

Baking Desserts: In recipes, where the sugar is not the main ingredient and needed for the overall substance, use Sweet Yet Healthy X5 in replacement or use the Sweet Yet Healthy X5 to cut back the amount of table sugar you would normally use.

Frozen Desserts: A really great WOW healthy dessert can be made with frozen blueberries covered coconut milk or unsweetened coconut cream, dusted with Sweet Yet Healthy X5, cocoa powder and cinnamon. You may top with whipped cream but it’s equally delicious without it.